Function: Wrapper function for Hooks::deactivate_plugin() and deactivates plugin based on $_GET[‘id’].

Source: app/functions/hook-function.php:68

Used by 0 functions | Uses 0 functions


Function: Wrapper function for Hooks::delete_option() method and deletes an option for the options_meta table.

Source: app/functions/hook-function.php:176

Used by 0 functions | Uses 0 functions


Function: Department Type select: shows general list of department types and if $typeCode is not NULL, shows the department type attached to a particular record.

Source: app/functions/hook-function.php:1106

Used by 0 functions | Uses 1 function


Function: Wrapper function for Hooks::do_action() and executes functions hooked on a specific action hook.

Source: app/functions/dependency.php:243

Used by 0 functions | Uses 2 functions


Function: Search content for parsecodes and filter parsecodes through their hooks.

Source: app/functions/parsecode-function.php:102

Used by 0 functions | Uses 1 function
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